Tuesday 16 June 2015

The Final Chapter

Well, I didn't get around to posting this on Furry Fighter Day, but after reading a couple of very sweet messages from Jan's Funny Farm, Angel Abbygrace and Nanuk I thought I should write a post for my my boy - and the lovely people from the Cat Blogosphere...

My beloved Castle - Storm's brother and litter-mate - sadly passed away on May 4th this year, actually on his and Storm's Gotcha Day anniversary of all days. He was the grand old age of 19 years and 3 months old. We are not sure what the cause was, but he got quiet on a Sunday afternoon, and had to be put to sleep the next day. The vet suspects issues with the bile duct, maybe something ruptured due to a cancerous growth, or thickening of duct tissue, but thankfully it was quick and he hardly suffered, spending his last night at home with me and his other Meowmie, and not stuck in hospital on drips and medicines. He had become a distinguished cat in old age, his little greying muzzle as handsome as it ever was...


As you know Castle had a couple of playmates to keep him company whilst he waited to be reunited with his sister Storm, The Furry Fighter. First there was Timmy Tantrum, who shared our lives for 18 months, he was a good companion for Castle, and they snuggled up together all the time.

Timmy Tantrum

And then I found gentle, old Tigger.  He stayed with us for 4 years and reached the age of 19 years and 6 months,  - he passed away last year, on the anniversary of the day I first went to see him - October 7th.  My boys liked their anniversaries clearly!  He and Castle were extremely close - just like Castle and Storm were, it was incredible how they bonded.


I feel so lucky to have had such beautiful, little feline souls share my home and life...it all feels very empty at the moment...quiet.  I will adopt some more feline friends in the future, but I am taking some time to remember the ones that have been part of my life for almost 20 years.  When Storm died my grief was suppressed by my search for a friend for a grieving and pining Castle, to ensure he was happy; and the same happened again when Timmy died, and when Tigger died I knew in my heart that Castle probably wouldn't be around for much longer, so I didn't look for another furry friend for him, I instead decided to spend much more time at home, keeping him company and loving him as much as possible.  Now I grieve for them all...

It all started with Storm and Castle though, two adorable, little kittens that stole my heart the minute I saw them way back in 1996.  Rest in Peace my little Angels, I imagine you are playing together once again now...with Timmy and Tigger joining in too.  You really won't ever be forgotten. Ever x

Wednesday 13 June 2012

Furry Fighter Day 2012

Well, it's been a year since we posted anything,...shocking!  Thanks for popping by and seeing us on such an emotional day...it means a lot.  We still miss Stormie loads, but we cherish the time we had with her as a result, she was one awesome Meezer!

Not much has changed really.  I had a little scare last year when I went to the vet cos I was being sick every now and then...obviously cos of what Storm died from any regular sicking-up is a cause for instant concern, however scans didn't reveal anything to worry about too much.  There was a spot near my kidney on the scan, but the only way to find out what it is was to cut me open..and being a grand old gent of 16 years old that seemed a little pointless and unfair on me really, so we did nothing...and so far everything is OK.  My annual tests did show some very early stage renal issues (totally normal for an old boy like me) so I now eat Renal foods as these are better for me.

Tigger remains well, he is now 17 years and a bit old...! We are very close, always sharing beds and we really do compliment each other.  Tigger isn't as boisterous as the lovely Timmy was, so our play-fights are rather half-hearted and soon end when one of us just walks away! Tigger, as you may recall, was incredibly shy and nervous when he came to live with us, but he is like a different cat now - he talks all the time (his voice is hilarious, he sounds like a sheep - see video below) and likes strokes and follows Meowmie about, he is still not a lap-cat though, he will sleep next to Meowmie on the bed however.

Well, I will try and update a bit more regularly than once a year...but for now I hope you enjoy the video below and the piccies of me and Tigger!

Love Castle-Pants xxx

Monday 13 June 2011

Furry Fighter Day 2011

Three years now, and still missed as much by us all...Storm The Furry Fighter...The Most Beautiful Siamese Cat In The World. We love you so much!

Love from your brother and your Meowmies xxx

Wednesday 4 May 2011

Gotcha Day!

Hey everyone....!

Once again the wonderful ML has inspired us to update the blog - she reminded us that today is our Gotcha Day...by 'our' I mean me and Stormie The Furry Fighter of course - whom we still think of and miss every day. Funnily enough I had to go to the vet today and we saw her picture on the wall, still there, pride of place behind the reception desk. Ben Vet and Caroline Vet obviously loved her a lot too. Oh, Ben Vet now works at Cambridge University! He is such a clever vet! He only does a day or two a month at the vet practice now, so we haven't seen him for a long time. We miss him though.

So whilst I am here I will update you on Tigger - as you know our integration was fairly instant and successful - it was his distrust of humans that needed time and patience. Well he is properly settled now and jumps up on the sofa and bed to parade about in front of Meowmie, demanding strokes and attention. He is also good with visitors and doesn't hide anymore. He has really got his confidence now and seems totally at home. He is unlikely to be a lapcat but he does loves attention and fussing.

We also want to say thanks to Freya Cat, Sabrina, Sam and Simon, Lee County Clowder and Charlemagne and Tamar for popping by over the past few months! It has been lovely to read your messages.

So here are some recent pics of me and Tigger...two old boys that we are, we still run around and play and are great company for each other! We love a cuddle as much as like to wind each other up too!

Lots of Love from me, Tigger and Meomwie...xxx

Tuesday 1 February 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

Thank you to my lovely friends Eric and Flynn , Jan's Funny Farm, and Cheysuli for coming by and wishing me a Happy Birthday! And while we are here thank you to those of you who spun by at Christmas and said hello too! We still all miss Stormie loads, especially on big days like today....and of course Timmy too...

Now my Meowmie really should have posted a little while ago about this...but she never has time to blog anymore...however, cos it's my birthday and cos she also wants to say THANK YOU for not forgetting us, she is going to spare me some time tonight...so I can introduce to you my new brother!!!!! Meet....Mayfushang Vittorio, otherwise known as TIGGER. He is a an Oriental chocolate tabby. Tigger joined us on Meowmies birthday - November 13th. He is almost 16 years of age (in April 2011). His story goes like this....

For the first 14.5 years of his life he lived a happy life with a family and two other cats, Burmese brothers. Unfortunately due to work commitments the family had to keep putting the three cats into a cattery, it got to the point that the three cats were spending more time in a cattery than at home, so the owners made the hugely difficult decision to rehome their pets via the Burmese Cat Club. They went to a family who were around in the day and didn't travel abroad all the time. Unfortunately the new family had three young children and although the two Burmese brothers settled, Tigger HATED his new, noisy, boisterous home and started spraying everywhere and turned into a very nervous, highly strung cat. So he ended up back at the Burmese Cat Club Rescue on his own. Meowmie saw him advertised and decided to give him a chance to be my friend...Tigger spent the first few weeks hiding from Meowmie (he liked me though) but he has gradually come out of his shell, gained confidence and seems very relaxed here now - he hasn't sprayed at all, and what is even better is that our integration only took TWO DAYS! We pretty much became instant friends! I am so glad he is here, I spent almost 7 months alone after we lost Timmy cos Meowmie couldn't find a suitable friend for me, however the day Tigger arrived I immediately stopped howling at night when Meowmie returned from work, and I became my own cat and settled down again.

Anyway...here are some images of my handsome new brother...he has worked his way into hearts very quickly!
Lots of love
Castle and Meowmie L xxx

Sunday 13 June 2010

Furry Fighter Day

Today is Furry Fighter Day, in memory of my sister Stormie who lived with lymphoma for almost two years - despite being given only 6-9 months to live when she was diagnosed. Meowmie helped Stormie write a blog about her condition and treatments and we hope it still serves as a source of hope for those who find themselves having to help their pets through this illness.

Two years today we said goodbye to her, and we all still miss her terribly. Today we will remember just what a wonderful and special little cat she was - The Most Beautiful Siamese Cat In The World. We love you Kormie xxx

Wednesday 5 May 2010

A little update - and Thank You

Well, thank you to the delightful ML for remembering our Gotcha Day. That was such a lovely surprise to receive some email from you! Yes, it was mine and Stormie's Gotcha Day...Timmy's is September the 5th, just in case anyone thought it was the same.

We didn't realise we hadn't updated since just before Timmy left us. Well Timmy left us on March 11th, it seems so far away, yet only like yesterday. He wasn't in any pain at all and it was quite tough for Mummy having to have him PTS cos he seemed so well and normal - so she had to keep reminding herself that the wound on his cheek was going to get worse, very quickly. Timmy also gave Mummy a timely reminder by scratching the scab off the morning the vet was due, causing his wound to bleed.

Timmy didn't want to go, he hissed and growled at the vet right up until he was sedated - and Timmy never hissed and growled, so it was a bit upsetting. The vet said it was most definitely the surgical spirit smells and strangers handling him in his home that made him annoyed...plus the fact he wasn't actually 'sick', so he was still full of fight and just his normal self apart from the lump. We hope that was the case, and not that Timmy had any idea what was happening. Once he was settled Mummy cradled him in her arms and then the vet sent our precious Timmy on his way. I spent the afternoon with Timmy's body and slept by him with my head resting on his - something I never did when he was alive, so I said my goodbyes to him in my own way. The vet felt we had timed things just right, which was a comfort. Timmy Tantrum is back home now, next to Stormie on the shelf. Below is Timmy's last portrait, you can see the wound on his cheek, this was taken about 30 minutes before he left us.

I have been kind of lonely since Timmy went and Mummy misses him terribly, she loved the fact he slept against her head every night. I am a little older than when Stormie left so I do sleep more in the daytime now, but by the time Mummy gets in from work I am ready to moan at her. I also have the occasional moochy moan around the house in the evenings and day when Mummy is here. Mummy has been keeping an eye out for a friend for me, but finding an old Meezer or Oriental is not that easy. We were lucky finding Timmy after Storm passed...we'll keep looking though.

We hope you are all well....and if we do happen to find a friend for me then we will let you know immediately! Much love to you all.
Castle xxx