Monday, 30 June 2008

A Letter To My Sister

Dear Stormie

It's been just over two weeks since we last saw you...on the one paw it seems just like yesterday when we were cuddling up on the sofa together, but on the other paw it feels like a lifetime since I last washed your ears and made sure you looked pretty for Ben Vet's visit.

I call for you every day, numerous times, but you don't come to me. The last time I saw you, you were very still, I checked to see if you were OK, I put my nose in your ear but you did not move your head, or twitch you ear; I washed your legs and bottom and neck but you did not raise your head towards me; you did not close your eyes with contentedness as I carefully groomed you; I laid next to you, watching over you but you did not tuck your head into my body like usual. I think these things might have something to do with why you are not coming to me when I call for you now.

The Meowmies try their best to comfort me; they make sure I am not left alone for too long at a time; Meowmie J comes to the house much more and is taking anti-histamines again to help with her allergies - but, as before, this is not sustainable as these tablets are not good long-term solutions. Meowmie J should be OK with these for a little while though - hopefully until I feel more accepting about your absence Stormie and can be alone for greater periods of time.

The Meowmies have been treating me well - I have a new shoelace to play with, and they also bought me a nice soft, fluffy pad from IKEA for our Flecta-Bed, which feels too big without you. I am also on a diet because I ate too much of your food when I shouldn't have done - I even have a nice set of bingo-wings as evidence of my gluttony Stormie. I know I didn't steal from you cos you didn't want the food anyway as your appetite had disappeared, so technically I was just clearing up for Meowmie. Look at my bingo-wings Storm!

At night I cuddle up with Meowmie L pretty much as we always have done - at first, just after you went away, I slept on our square fleece pad - the one that you were very still and quiet on that last time I saw you - but now I am happy to sleep on Meowmie's legs or I crawl under the duvet and Meowmie L cradles me in her arm. I miss cuddling you though Stormie...we were always so close and always cuddling each other and I always chose to sleep curled up with you every night when you were here. Humans can appreciate how wonderful it is to curl up with a cat too so no wonder I always chose your soft fur instead of bare human flesh!

Life is different without you Stormie, you are greatly missed. The Meowmies are very sad that you are gone, they cry sometimes but they said something about your illness having gone away, that you are now in a special place and that you would always live in their hearts. Well, I suppose that if you are in a special place and living in their hearts that is why you don't come anymore when I call for you...I am sure that if you could come back though, you would.

I know that you liked to blog Stormie, and that you met some wonderful cats and Humans in the process, so in your honour I am going to take up the mantle and do my own blog and hopefully your friends will become mine. I thought it best to leave your blog as it is - it is your beautiful story Stormie, there is nothing else to add. In your memory though, whenever I blog on Meezer Monday it will be about will never be forgotten by us dear Stormie...

Until next time my beautiful sister...

Castle xxx