Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

Thank you to my lovely friends Eric and Flynn , Jan's Funny Farm, and Cheysuli for coming by and wishing me a Happy Birthday! And while we are here thank you to those of you who spun by at Christmas and said hello too! We still all miss Stormie loads, especially on big days like today....and of course Timmy too...

Now my Meowmie really should have posted a little while ago about this...but she never has time to blog anymore...however, cos it's my birthday and cos she also wants to say THANK YOU for not forgetting us, she is going to spare me some time tonight...so I can introduce to you my new brother!!!!! Meet....Mayfushang Vittorio, otherwise known as TIGGER. He is a an Oriental chocolate tabby. Tigger joined us on Meowmies birthday - November 13th. He is almost 16 years of age (in April 2011). His story goes like this....

For the first 14.5 years of his life he lived a happy life with a family and two other cats, Burmese brothers. Unfortunately due to work commitments the family had to keep putting the three cats into a cattery, it got to the point that the three cats were spending more time in a cattery than at home, so the owners made the hugely difficult decision to rehome their pets via the Burmese Cat Club. They went to a family who were around in the day and didn't travel abroad all the time. Unfortunately the new family had three young children and although the two Burmese brothers settled, Tigger HATED his new, noisy, boisterous home and started spraying everywhere and turned into a very nervous, highly strung cat. So he ended up back at the Burmese Cat Club Rescue on his own. Meowmie saw him advertised and decided to give him a chance to be my friend...Tigger spent the first few weeks hiding from Meowmie (he liked me though) but he has gradually come out of his shell, gained confidence and seems very relaxed here now - he hasn't sprayed at all, and what is even better is that our integration only took TWO DAYS! We pretty much became instant friends! I am so glad he is here, I spent almost 7 months alone after we lost Timmy cos Meowmie couldn't find a suitable friend for me, however the day Tigger arrived I immediately stopped howling at night when Meowmie returned from work, and I became my own cat and settled down again.

Anyway...here are some images of my handsome new brother...he has worked his way into hearts very quickly!
Lots of love
Castle and Meowmie L xxx