Monday, 27 October 2008

Meezer Monday

(dedicated to my beautiful sister Stormie)

Timmy has washed me about 3 more times (that Meowmie has witnessed) since the time in the video below, we are slowly getting used to each other. Nothing can ever replace my Stormie though...and I can't ever imagine being so close to another cat like I was with her, I wish she didn't have to leave us so soon. It's a tough time of year coming up, what with Meowmie's birthday. the anniversary of Storm's diagnosis and Christmas approaching fast...they will all be 'firsts' without our Stormie, although we have Timmy , these occasions are going to feel incomplete and a bit empty without our little lady with us. We miss having her by our side, she was one precious little girl.

A happy (and wistful, in our case) Meezer Monday to you all x

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Timmy on Tuesday

Finally, a bit of pampering! Meowmie was in the kitchen doing some human stuff, but she was a bit suspicious of the silence coming from she peeped through the gap in the doorway and caught Timmy Tantrum washing my neck!!! This is a first...mind you, he hasn't done it since (not that Meowmie has seen anyway) but it is a start, hopefully Timmy will realise that he needs to do this more. I may wash him when he starts to behave a little more like the subordinate he is.

(Meowmie says 'sorry' for the sideways film, but her nearest camera was the cameraphone and for some reason it will only take sideways films).

Monday, 20 October 2008

Meezer Monday

(dedicated to my much-missed sister Stormie)

Today I firstly want to announce that just before the gorgeous Tiki sadly passed away, he and his housemates at Camie's Kitties presented us with an Award, it is the Butterfly Award and is presented for the coolest blog that the person knows! We are truly honoured...and shall always remember Tiki, who I hope has found Stormie at The Bridge. Thank you to Camie and The Kitties!

These are the Award Rules:
~ Put the logo on your blog.
~ Add a link to the person who awarded you.
~ Nominate 10 other blogs.
~ Add links to those blogs on yours.
~ Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

Meomwie does not have time to visit 10 blogs today (or tomorrow) cos her workload is just stupid at the moment, so the first 10 people or cats who visit this page and read about my award can have it!

Today I want to remember my sister Storm's dainty, little, lady-like legs, feet and toes...Timmy's legs are thick and sturdy, his feet are big and he thumps around and plods along in the most un-dainty way you can imagine - he looks like a bit of a bruiser at times! Meowmie said that she has never heard a cat make such a racket when playing Herd of Elephants. So, a timely reminder of a beautiful set of lady-like limbs:

Happy Meezer Monday everybody x

Friday, 10 October 2008

Why Humans Are Always Tired...

...well, this is why Humans who share their home with a cat are always tired! The chap in this video decided to film himself and his cat sleeping because he wanted to see exactly what went on during the night...he has used a timelapse camera so the film is just a short one!

Click to see how you can annoy your human throughout the night!

Some cats may not have the opportunity to annoy their Humans throughout the night because some Humans - and you won't believe this - REFUSE to let their cats sleep in their bedrooms with them!!! My Meowmie tried to stop me and Stormie sleeping in her room once but we let her know this was not acceptable by ripping up the carpet outside her room and HOWLING all night.

Have a great weekend everybody! xxx

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Awards on Wednesday

I got myself TWO awards to announce! This is truly incredible cos Meowmie hasn't helped me visit at all lately, so we are humbled that people still visit us and think about us. I am going to FORCE Meowmie to make time each week to come and visit you all. She really needs to organise her time more efficiently.

My first award is from the lovely Black Cat and is the Blogging Friends Forever Award. Black cat's friend 'Pinky' is thinking of adopting a cat - you must drop by and encourage him as mush as possible! I have had this award before so will share it with my fiend, Timmy Tantrum. Although they may already have it, I would like to pass this on to Princess, Casey Meezer Diva, Isis, Fat Cat Muffin and Miss Peach.

My second award is from Niko and Cloud, who now live with our old pal Texas's Slaves. This award is the 'I Love Your Cats' Award and we are so happy to get this from these two little adorable balls of fluff! I have to share this one with Timmy anyway, as it was awarded to both of us. We shall pass this on to Kaze, Latte and Chase, Daisy and Harley, Jan's Funny Farm and KC and ML

You know, I am such a nice cat to Timmy, he needs to start being a bit nicer to me though. He just wants to nip me, bat at my back legs and chase me around, which is OK sometimes as I like a game as much as the next nearly-13-year-old-cat, but at other times I just want to chill. Luckily for me, cos he can't quite see properly he loses sight of me if I run from him quickly, and because his ears aren't quite right he mostly can't hear where I am, so he just sits there looking a bit confused sometimes.

I don't think we have mentioned that we think Timmy's vision might not be quite right did we? Well, basically we don't think his periphery vision is very good cos Meowmie dangles toys by the side of his head and he has no idea they are there, plus a couple of times he has hissed and jumped at a cat-size cat statue that my Meowmie has. He also misjudges heights and a few times when he has tried to jump up on the sofa he hasn't quite made it...and vice versa, when he has jumped down from soemthing he lands a bit hard or not quite on his feet, as if he reached the floor sooner than he thought he would! It's not enough of a disability to hinder him though, he still jumps around after wand toys...but Meowmie just has to move them a little slower so he doesn't lose sight of them.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Meezer Monday

(dedicated to my sister Stormie)

Today my Meowmie was searching through her work files on her work pooter when she stumbled upon a picture of....The Meezer Bus! Some of you may remember the day-trip that Stormie organised for beautiful Chey and a group of fellow Meezers...if not, you can read all about it HERE!

Timmy and I are existing in a state of relative calm and acceptance...Timmy still does most of the chasing when we play Thundering Herd of Elephants, and he does like to harmlessly nip and whap a little, he has definitely got a boisterous personality! However, we can in the main quite happily fall asleep within a paw's stretch of each other, and we both now sleep on Meowmie's bed at night - Timmy down by Meowmie's feet whilst I lay in Meowmie's arms (obviously).

This first picture is of Timmy and I in the Donut bed - Timmy joined me briefly on the Donut (he didn't lay down) before stretching out on the Flecta-Bed next door (2nd picture):

Happy Meezer Monday! xxx

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Squirrels on the balcony!

We live on the 11th floor of a block in Central London and almost every day we get squirrels on our balcony! This little fellow greeted Meowmie as she exited our building when she left for work the other morning - he is one of our frequent squirrel visitors and is incredibly tame, just after Meowmie took this photos he tried to jump on to Meowmie's camera-phone. Timmy has yet to see the squirrels but I am sure he will be most intrigued by them when he does eventually spot them.

My meowmie could never eat one (she things they are too cute), but squirrels used to be a popular food source many years ago in the UK, not so much now, however you can still buy squirrel dishes at some traditional British restaurants who specialise in the more adventurous cuts of meat.

Well, if things get totally desperate in the UK with this credit crunch business I guess we won't starve...what with our pigeon visitors too!