Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Furry Fighter Day 2012

Well, it's been a year since we posted anything,...shocking!  Thanks for popping by and seeing us on such an emotional means a lot.  We still miss Stormie loads, but we cherish the time we had with her as a result, she was one awesome Meezer!

Not much has changed really.  I had a little scare last year when I went to the vet cos I was being sick every now and then...obviously cos of what Storm died from any regular sicking-up is a cause for instant concern, however scans didn't reveal anything to worry about too much.  There was a spot near my kidney on the scan, but the only way to find out what it is was to cut me open..and being a grand old gent of 16 years old that seemed a little pointless and unfair on me really, so we did nothing...and so far everything is OK.  My annual tests did show some very early stage renal issues (totally normal for an old boy like me) so I now eat Renal foods as these are better for me.

Tigger remains well, he is now 17 years and a bit old...! We are very close, always sharing beds and we really do compliment each other.  Tigger isn't as boisterous as the lovely Timmy was, so our play-fights are rather half-hearted and soon end when one of us just walks away! Tigger, as you may recall, was incredibly shy and nervous when he came to live with us, but he is like a different cat now - he talks all the time (his voice is hilarious, he sounds like a sheep - see video below) and likes strokes and follows Meowmie about, he is still not a lap-cat though, he will sleep next to Meowmie on the bed however.

Well, I will try and update a bit more regularly than once a year...but for now I hope you enjoy the video below and the piccies of me and Tigger!

Love Castle-Pants xxx