Monday, 1 February 2010

It's My Birthday! I am 14 years young!

THANK YOU everyone who has remembered that today is my birthday and left messages for me in the last post which I made some months ago, about Timmy's birthday...and a huge thank you for leaving such sweet messages on Stormie's blog today too. Today we have been thinking about her a lot, and we miss her as much today as we did when she first went to The Bridge.

So, a little update for you all....I have been very well but I am afraid Timmy had some bad news at the end of November - his mouth cancer returned, despite our best efforts to remove it with surgery in September. As you know, oral cancer is the worst cancer a cat can get, very aggressive and the success rate of beating it is very low - something like 10%. At one point Timmy's oncologist was very ppositive that Timmy could be one of the lucky ones, due to the location of the tumour and the fact it was caught early...but as it turns out not early enough.

Timmy was given "maybe two months" at the end of November - but he is still here, he is still completely normal, no signs of pain or discomfort - he just has a big lump the size of a large walnut on his cheek at the moment. He has metacam and antibiotics daily to ward off inflammation, pain and infection. He had a check up a couple of weeks ago with Caroline Vet and she said he was doing very well 'considering', and said that Timmy may even have a couple more months in him yet, although it was hard to predict due to the aggressive nature of this cancer. So, like Stormie, he is doing his best to beat the predicted survival times afforded to him.

Despite the bad news, we have tried not to let it affect us too much, and we remember all the good things; Timmy has got to a ripe old age (almost 15 and a half) and we are thankful that we found him and have been able to share time with such a character of a cat. The way we look at it is that his Original Mum (who passed away 18 months ago) just wants him back now...that way, it doesn't quite seem so sad, does it?

Not the greatest news to share on my birthday, but it didn't feel right to ignore the issue when so many of you have asked how we are. So anyway, please do not be sad, let's remember my sister and also celebrate my life and the fact that Timmy is still part of it. Here is a picture of me and Tim having a nap and then one of my favourite ones of me and my sister :)

Love to my friends
Castlepants xxx