Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The Final Chapter

Well, I didn't get around to posting this on Furry Fighter Day, but after reading a couple of very sweet messages from Jan's Funny Farm, Angel Abbygrace and Nanuk I thought I should write a post for my my boy - and the lovely people from the Cat Blogosphere...

My beloved Castle - Storm's brother and litter-mate - sadly passed away on May 4th this year, actually on his and Storm's Gotcha Day anniversary of all days. He was the grand old age of 19 years and 3 months old. We are not sure what the cause was, but he got quiet on a Sunday afternoon, and had to be put to sleep the next day. The vet suspects issues with the bile duct, maybe something ruptured due to a cancerous growth, or thickening of duct tissue, but thankfully it was quick and he hardly suffered, spending his last night at home with me and his other Meowmie, and not stuck in hospital on drips and medicines. He had become a distinguished cat in old age, his little greying muzzle as handsome as it ever was...


As you know Castle had a couple of playmates to keep him company whilst he waited to be reunited with his sister Storm, The Furry Fighter. First there was Timmy Tantrum, who shared our lives for 18 months, he was a good companion for Castle, and they snuggled up together all the time.

Timmy Tantrum

And then I found gentle, old Tigger.  He stayed with us for 4 years and reached the age of 19 years and 6 months,  - he passed away last year, on the anniversary of the day I first went to see him - October 7th.  My boys liked their anniversaries clearly!  He and Castle were extremely close - just like Castle and Storm were, it was incredible how they bonded.


I feel so lucky to have had such beautiful, little feline souls share my home and life...it all feels very empty at the moment...quiet.  I will adopt some more feline friends in the future, but I am taking some time to remember the ones that have been part of my life for almost 20 years.  When Storm died my grief was suppressed by my search for a friend for a grieving and pining Castle, to ensure he was happy; and the same happened again when Timmy died, and when Tigger died I knew in my heart that Castle probably wouldn't be around for much longer, so I didn't look for another furry friend for him, I instead decided to spend much more time at home, keeping him company and loving him as much as possible.  Now I grieve for them all...

It all started with Storm and Castle though, two adorable, little kittens that stole my heart the minute I saw them way back in 1996.  Rest in Peace my little Angels, I imagine you are playing together once again now...with Timmy and Tigger joining in too.  You really won't ever be forgotten. Ever x