Monday, 4 May 2009

Gotcha Day!

Well...what a beautiful surprise, despite my distinct lack of blogging I awoke to find two lovely Gotcha Day messages from Cheysuli and the gang over at A Few Good Cats! SO I thought I would see how they found out and of course it was the wonderful people over at the Cat Blogosphere who had started the remembering off. How very lovely that I was remembered...

As we were typing this post out Craig and Caroline Hind also left us a message...Craig and Caroline are a little bit special for us cos some months ago they found me via Storm's blog. You see they had a beautiful cat called Panther who had the lymphoma too and when they were reading about lymphoma just after Panther's sudden passing they found Storm's blog and left us such heart-touching messages...and then they were inspired to start cat blogging by us! Thank you Craig and Caroline...we know you loved Panther very, very much and we are sorry you had to go through this lymphoma thing as well.

I may be without my Stormie today - my first alone Gotcha Day - but she is here in other guises, and alive in the many memories I and others have of her. This is our Gotcha Day post from Stormie's blog last year. This is our fave kitten pic of Stormie:

So, I may be without Stormie...but I have Timmy, my adopted brother, who is OK and good company mostly. He has been here 9 months now and we are pretty close - we wash each other's ears, we snuggle together, we play and run around like two kittens (well, we try, but we are Old Geezers so the play sessions don't last long). We are both the Alpha cats of the home, so Meowmie now has two big boys cats vying for her attention. Timmy still likes to chase me about and will instigate most of the play sessions but cos he is creaky and not as agile as me I usually win all the time or if I am not in the mood will just jump up on the sideboard to get away from him. It has worked out incredibly well, especially when you think Timmy had not shared his previous home with other cats. Timmy is still not much of a purrer - in fact he only started purring about 2 months ago - and only when he is groomed/brushed...very rarely will he purr just for the sake of it! Weirdo. Here are some pics of Tim and I...Thanks for stopping by and wishing me a happy Gotcha Day!!! We hope you are all well xxx