Wednesday, 5 May 2010

A little update - and Thank You

Well, thank you to the delightful ML for remembering our Gotcha Day. That was such a lovely surprise to receive some email from you! Yes, it was mine and Stormie's Gotcha Day...Timmy's is September the 5th, just in case anyone thought it was the same.

We didn't realise we hadn't updated since just before Timmy left us. Well Timmy left us on March 11th, it seems so far away, yet only like yesterday. He wasn't in any pain at all and it was quite tough for Mummy having to have him PTS cos he seemed so well and normal - so she had to keep reminding herself that the wound on his cheek was going to get worse, very quickly. Timmy also gave Mummy a timely reminder by scratching the scab off the morning the vet was due, causing his wound to bleed.

Timmy didn't want to go, he hissed and growled at the vet right up until he was sedated - and Timmy never hissed and growled, so it was a bit upsetting. The vet said it was most definitely the surgical spirit smells and strangers handling him in his home that made him the fact he wasn't actually 'sick', so he was still full of fight and just his normal self apart from the lump. We hope that was the case, and not that Timmy had any idea what was happening. Once he was settled Mummy cradled him in her arms and then the vet sent our precious Timmy on his way. I spent the afternoon with Timmy's body and slept by him with my head resting on his - something I never did when he was alive, so I said my goodbyes to him in my own way. The vet felt we had timed things just right, which was a comfort. Timmy Tantrum is back home now, next to Stormie on the shelf. Below is Timmy's last portrait, you can see the wound on his cheek, this was taken about 30 minutes before he left us.

I have been kind of lonely since Timmy went and Mummy misses him terribly, she loved the fact he slept against her head every night. I am a little older than when Stormie left so I do sleep more in the daytime now, but by the time Mummy gets in from work I am ready to moan at her. I also have the occasional moochy moan around the house in the evenings and day when Mummy is here. Mummy has been keeping an eye out for a friend for me, but finding an old Meezer or Oriental is not that easy. We were lucky finding Timmy after Storm passed...we'll keep looking though.

We hope you are all well....and if we do happen to find a friend for me then we will let you know immediately! Much love to you all.
Castle xxx