Monday, 10 November 2008

Meezer Monday

(dedicated to my sister Stormie)

How I miss my delicate, dainty, ladylike sister...we used to peacefully sleep next to each other, our heads buried in each other's furs, having the bestest cat naps ever, warm and cosy in our safe little ball of Meezerness. This is what I have to deal with now though, a SNORING CAT...I am not impressed.

Meowmie has also not had a decent nights sleep since Timmy arrived as, without fail, he goes to the litter-tray at about 1am and then again at about 6.30am - he is the noisiest Scraper Of Litter ever and wakes meowmie up each time he makes a visit!

Timmy didn't have his tooth out last week cos he definitely has a heart murmur so Ben Vet put him on anti-biotics for 10 days in order to clear up any possible infections and stuff. Ben Vet explained that a heart murmur can increase the risk factor of anaesthetics and he doesn't want to take any chances with Timmy - so the operation is now scheduled for Friday 14th.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Timmy on Tuesday

Timmy has a new name is our house at the moment...Timmy Tantrum has turned into Timmy Toothache.

Timmy went for his first visit to our adorable Ben Vet last week and the poor little fellow has got a sore tooth - a frontal lesion - which means that the soft core is exposed and is probably causing him pain. This explains why he doesn't like his chin or cheeks rubbed, he pushes the Meowmies' hands away with his paws (and sometimes nips at them too).

As suspected, Timmy has also got vision problems. He has a big cataract in his left eye, severly limiting his vision. He also has a cataract in his right eye which isn't as big, but will obviously have a negative impact on his visual capabilities. Ben Vet said he will be fine and will adapt as his vision worsens, so we are not operating or anything like that.

And then there is the suspected heart murmur...Ben was listening very hard to Timmy's heart and he heard something irregular, a sort of 'whooosh' sound in amongst the 'flub-dub' sound. This is going to be monitored as ben was not 100% sure about this.

As for his toilet problems (the blood in the poo, and the excessive amount of pooing)...we think this is just due to a delicate stomach and we have therefore changed his food to Royal Canin Sensitivity Control to see if that makes a difference - he certainly seems to be going for a Number Two less frequently now - twice a day instead of four times a day!

We haven't cuddled much and Meowmie hasn't seen us wash each other for a while, but we live along side each other calmly, respecting each other's space (mostly). I am still Top Cat obviously, as this picture verifies:

Anyways, Timmy is off to the Vet Place again tomorrow, if his suspected heart murmur has gone then he will have his tooth out under general aneasthetic, if not then he will come home and take some anti-biotics for a few days and then go back for the operation later next week.

Castle x