Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Gotcha Day!

Hey everyone....!

Once again the wonderful ML has inspired us to update the blog - she reminded us that today is our Gotcha 'our' I mean me and Stormie The Furry Fighter of course - whom we still think of and miss every day. Funnily enough I had to go to the vet today and we saw her picture on the wall, still there, pride of place behind the reception desk. Ben Vet and Caroline Vet obviously loved her a lot too. Oh, Ben Vet now works at Cambridge University! He is such a clever vet! He only does a day or two a month at the vet practice now, so we haven't seen him for a long time. We miss him though.

So whilst I am here I will update you on Tigger - as you know our integration was fairly instant and successful - it was his distrust of humans that needed time and patience. Well he is properly settled now and jumps up on the sofa and bed to parade about in front of Meowmie, demanding strokes and attention. He is also good with visitors and doesn't hide anymore. He has really got his confidence now and seems totally at home. He is unlikely to be a lapcat but he does loves attention and fussing.

We also want to say thanks to Freya Cat, Sabrina, Sam and Simon, Lee County Clowder and Charlemagne and Tamar for popping by over the past few months! It has been lovely to read your messages.

So here are some recent pics of me and Tigger...two old boys that we are, we still run around and play and are great company for each other! We love a cuddle as much as like to wind each other up too!

Lots of Love from me, Tigger and