Sunday, 21 June 2009

Storm's Tree

Thank you all for stopping by my blog, and Storm's blog last week on her anniversary. It meant a lot to us.

I wanted to let you know that the Meowmies had a lovely day remembering Stormie. Firstly the Meowmies went to the Cambridge Pet Crematorium where Stormie was cremated. Even though Stormie is not buried at the pet crematorium, the Meowmies wanted to go there and visit the Gardens of Rememberance and spend some time thinking of her. They also planted a little silver birch tree in the gardens. amongst an established group of silver birches. We are not sure this is really allowed... but we hope the gardener doesn't rip it out, but finds it and lovingly cares for it.

After the visit to the Gardens, they went on and spent the reast of the day in Cambridge, visiting the market where Meowmie L bought Meowmie J a book about the seashore. Meowmie J was flicking through it and stopped at a page that caught her eye that had a picture of a beautiful beach on was called Storm Beach! How coincidental is that? Maybe Stormie is sending little messages to us from The Bridge...After the market they stopped for somthing to eat and then wandered down to the River Cam and watched the world go by. It was a lovely day. Meowmie L then came home and gave me and Timmy some chicken, in memory of Chicken Face.

Here is the picture of the little silver birch tree for Stormie. Have a good weekend everyone xxx

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Dearest Stormie...

One year on has gone so fast, it feels like yesterday when we cuddled for the last time, waiting for Ben Vet to come and lead you safely to The Bridge.
Much has changed since you left Little Lady, and we all miss you terribly. I have a companion called Timmy now, obviously he never knew you, but your legacy was to allow homeless Timmy to come into our lives and be part of our family for the twilight of his life, after his own Meowmie died. I know you were worried about me being lonely, and I reckon it was your guiding paw that helped Timmy and my Meowmies find each other...he has settled in pretty well and we are good company for each other. Thank you.

Today we are all going to remember you and share some special moments in your memory, the meowmies have a nice day out planned in your memory. This is a little movie that Meowmie made about you Stormie, we hope you, and everyone else, enjoys seeing it...

Lots of Love
Castle & The Meowmies (and Timmy)