Monday, 28 July 2008

Hot Meezer Monday

(Meezer Mondays - dedicated to my much missed sister, Stormie)

Well...what better way to remember Stormie than BEING DRAGGED to the Vet Place today for a 'check-up'!  A check-up if you please! Not even a valid reason to take me, no injections, nothing wrong with me...just a silly check up!!!  I protested SO loudly when Meowmie took me from our home, I screamed like a human baby in great pain...but Meowmie STILL took me to the Vet Place!  I tried my best to embarrass her but all she said was "Oh Castle, you are such a big baby, not like your brave sister at all!"  So I buried my head into my blanket and howled all the way until Ben Vet took me into his consulting room....for my 'check up'.  Ben Vet was very sweet (as usual) and was pleased to see us all, and hoped that we were doing OK.

Meowmie hasn't mentioned it before but I have three lumps around my rear left leg - one of them I have had for years, but the other two are recent discoveries.  Understandably, because of Storm's recent illness, the Meowmies were worried.  Thankfully though Ben Vet said he was 99% sure they were just fatty cysts. PHEW!  My diet is working too...I have also lost some weight - I weighed 6.5kg (14.4lbs) in April and now I weigh 5.84kg (12.8 lbs), so my diet is going very well!  Ben Vet was very pleased!  

IMPAWTANT: Ben Vet has some very important exams to pass in August so please send him purrs and wish him the best for his tests! He has asked the Meowmies to go out and celebrate with him when he gets his results...Good luck Ben Vet!

Today has been incredibly hot in the YooKay..Meowmie went out this afternoon and has come back and is bright red!!  Here are some pictures of me and Stormie on a very hot day in May last year...we were out for the count in the coolest room in the house! Meowmie was very worried how Storm would cope with the heat as at the time she was doing her chemotherapy protocol. Stormie was fine though...she coped with heat no problem!

Happy Meezer Monday!

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Easy Like Sunday....

Apologies for not being around much in the past few days...Meowmie has been very busy! She still found time to disturb me with the noisy camera phone when I was fast asleep though!

Having a lovely deep sleep....ZZZzzzzz....

Disturbed by noisy camera-phone!

Have a lovely Sunday!

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Talkative Tuesday

I love chatting, I can have very long conversations with my Meowmie, even if it is one-sided and I am the only one talking and she is in a seperate room, not really listening.

Sabrina, Sam & Simon mentioned yesterday that they would like to hear my you go! This is my slightly sleepy, 'just woke up from sunbathing' voice.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Meezer Monday & Gifts!

(Meezer Mondays, dedicated to Stormie)

Today I would like to share a video with you of's not the greatest quality and the orientation is sideways cos Meowmie took it with her camera phone. This little movie shows Stormie in her brown paper Muji bag - she LOVED to sit in her bag watching the world go by. Storm wasn't a big meowy/howl-y chatter like me, she was ladylike and would make delicate throaty, purr-y 'prumpy' noises instead - just like these ones in the video. We miss her little voice, but thankfully we have little movies to reminisce over, no matter how poor the quality:

I also want to tell you about some beautiful gifts that we have received in the past few weeks from our friends. Miss Peach and her family sent my Meowmies two absolutely beautiful handmade bracelets in memory of Stormie....Karla, Miss Peach's Meowmie, explained that the colours used in the bracelets reflect Stormie's colourings...browns for her furs and the blue for her eyes. The card and envelope that came with the gifts are handmade too and have the striking prints on them! They are truly unique!

Another very thoughtful gift that we received was from ML, Missy & KC. They sent us a book called Cat Heaven by Cynthia Rylant. It is a beautiful story and the illustrations are so wonderful, my Meowmies found great comfort in reading this, it is such a touching little tale...

Thank you so much dear friends for these lovely gifts, they cheered my Meowmies up and they are very touched by your kind and generous actions. Now...please could you all wish ML and Auntie Deb well as they are both feeling poorly at the moment...please go to their bloggies and send them love and kind thoughts.

Happy Meezer Monday

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Wordy 'n' Wise Wednesday

I got another award! I was going to join in with Wordless Wednesday but it is just not possible when i have so much to shout about! My good friend, the beautiful Sweet Ariel gave me the Cool Cat Award!!! It's pink too - the colour that makes me think of Stormie in her pink neckerchief!

I think I can only pass this on to one I am going to pass this on to Skeezy cos he has been on the case for me with a question I asked on the Cat Blog Help Centre. You see, we wanted to know how to back up a Blogger blog...specifically Stormie's blog cos we would be devastated if it just disappeared or something. We couldn't find the answer anywhere, so we turned to Skeezy for help...and he came up with the answer! If you have a Blogger blog, this is how you back it up, instructions HERE.

We did a test run on my blog and it backed up all the posts and the comments - but not the pictures. It also seperated the comments from the actual posts they were related to i.e. you get all your posts first, then all the comments follow so it's kind of hard working out which comments belong to which post. I have emailed Blogger people and asked them if this 'normal' or whether it was my Meowmie doing something wrong...wither way, this back up facility is great and keeps your written word safe! THANK YOU Skeezy for finding this out for us!

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Fridge MeMe

The very handsome Meezer, and Stormie's only ever Man Cat date, Yao-Lin, has tagged me for a MeMe! The talented, lovely, limerick lady Karen Jo also tagged me for this MeMe too!

It's a fun and simple MEME for the hot summer. Show us a photo of the front of your Cold Box and tell us about at least one thing on it and one thing you keep inside of it! Tag your friends and remember to stay COOL!

So here is MY fridge. Meowmie puts a couple of things on the side of the fridge, not on the front, because as you walk into the kitchen you see the side first of all - so it needs decorating more than the front. She also strategically places a cinnamon & mandarin scented candle on the fridge because my litter-box is not so far away from this spot... last night Meowmie had some mussels in garlic and white wine in the Fridge Box, which we then shared. I had never had mussels before and I thoroughly enjoyed them! I saw some crabsticks and crayfish tails in there too, obviously these must be for me, I may allow Meowmie to have one of each, if she behaves. If not, then she can have the ham that is about to go out of date.

Currently there is a picture of Stormie on there, along with a fridge magnet which displays the family name (coincidentally Yao-Lin has the exact same fridge magnet, apart from the family name bit!). There is also a picture of a beautiful property for sale in Devon, it is a dream home for us - it consists of two 1 bedroom cottages, set out in beautiful grounds, in a fairty-tale setting. This would be the perfect home for me and my Meowmies. Meowmie J could live in one cottage, and me and Meowmie L could live in the other - this would allow Meowmie J to be close to me, but without having to actually live with me and suffer from the allergies that I cause. The only downside being that these cottages are a bit too far to commute to London for the Meowmies, I think 5 hours each way might be a bit too much for me to expect of them in their daily pursuit of Salmon Tokens at the place they call 'work'.

The Dream Home
Rose's Cottages

I think most people have done this MeMe now..but I would like to tag:



Fat Cat Muffin


Faz The Cat

Monday, 14 July 2008

Meezer Monday

(Meezer Mondays...dedicated to my much missed sister, Stormie).

This week I am going to share a video of Stormie eating her dinner. Stormie had a very particular way of eating her dry foods - instead of eating with her face in the bowl she would pick out a morsel or two at a time with her paw and then eat them off the floor. She would not pick any further morsels out until she had cleared up the ones she had already picked from the bowl.

My Meowmie has a theory as to why she ate like this...she thinks that Stormie was FORCED to adapt her way of eating because of MY gluttony! You see, Stormie and I always shared a food bowl from the day we were born and Meowmie reckons that Storm couldn't get her head into the bowl because I wouldn't let her, so she was forced to slide her paw in under my face and pull out her share of the food!!!

I am also very PROUD to announce that I came second in Texas's Funny Picture Friday contest! Simon from The St. Louis Meezers won the competition with a hilarious photo of him doing some sort of strange Meezer
dance. I may have come second but at least the competition was won by a Meezer!

Happy Meezer Monday everyone x

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Too Sad...

...and now we must bid beautiful fluffy Forest farewell after she escaped from her home, she was an indoors cat and sadly she got hit by a car.  Bye bye little Forest, we will miss you xxx

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Goodbye Mu Shue

Sad news...Mu Shue is going to The Bridge...he has not been well since he rescued Lilly & Iris from the fire...and he recently started chemo for small-cell lymphoma is his intestine too. Mu Shue is a tough and brave cat, but now it is his time to move journey Mu'll be

Monday, 7 July 2008

Meezer Monday

When I manage to post on Meezer Monday's they are going to be about my much missed sister, Stormie. Today's post is about a wonderful thing that someone did for Stormie and us.

The Meowmies have been members of for about 10 years now and they have always had a friendship with one particular lady on there who has been around since pretty much the first day my Meowmies have been posting on the message board. Her name is Jeanie and she is such a kind and generous soul. Even though they have 'known' each other for about 10 years, the Meowmies have never met Jeanie because she lives on the other side of the world in Australia. About 5 or 6 weeks before Storm passed away Jeanie wrote an email to my Meowmie saying the following:

"I have a little cat statue that I bought at the Oxfam shop. It's a dear little thing, made of sandstone I think. Anyway, I painted a little X on it's nose and it has a tealight candle next to it which I light daily. It sits on my special table in the lap of my Balinese Buddha statue with it's lotus water fountain. I think of Storm daily and remember to send healing thoughts to her (and you) each time I pass by."




We were so touched by this act of kindness, so unexpected and so thoughtful and caring. Jeanie continued to light candles throughout Storm's final battle, sending us positive thoughts and energies at a very difficult time for us all. So, we want to thank Jeanie for creating this lovely little oasis of candle-light and positive energy in her home, for us. It was a very special thing to do.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Awards on Sleepy Sunday!

I am lucky enough to have been given TWO more awards! Wow! I am so new to all of this too. My first award is from Storm's good friend, and now my friend, Parker! Thanks Parker! The award is the Sweet Home Blogger Award and Parker gave it to me because she likes my new blog home. I am going to pass this on to The Furry Kids and Sabrina, Sam & Simon.

My next award is the 'Arte y Pico' Award and it was given to my sister's Face Twin, the very handsome HRH Yao-Lin because I am 'practically family'. Cheers Yao-Lin - I am truly honoured! Here is some info about the award:

“The ‘Arte y Pico’ award was created to be given to bloggers who inspire others with their creative energy and their talents, whether it be writing, artwork in all media. When you receive this award it is considered a ’special honor’. Once you have received this award, you are to pass it on to at least 5 others.”

I am going to pass this on to the adorable Miss Peach who always make her blog look so pretty! We are also going to pass this on to Adan, because of all the lovely photos on his blog. Princess's blog is always so happy and colourful so I am going to pass it on to her as well. Then I think Alexi deserves this award too as her blog is so pictoral and I also want to put a little smile on her face as she lost her sibling recently too...and finally I will give this to my friend Black Cat cos she makes us laugh and her blog is very entertaining.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

My first ever Meezer Rule Wednesday is...if you have a poorly sibling, don't eat all their food when they turn their nose up at it, otherwise you will get VERY fat and then suffer the consequences, which will invariably include having to go on a diet and being starved of treats and tasty foods.

I am afraid I ignored this rule, ate the food Stormie didn't want (which, as you know, was pretty much a complete bowl of food every meal time) and piled on the pounds, reaching a rather obese 6.6kgs / 14.5lbs - which is dreadful, I should be a sleek, elegant Meezer, not a wobble-belly, bubble-gut Meezer! The following picture is of fat me next to Stormie, it is not a picture of a cat and a kitten...*shame*...

I am now on a diet...50gms of Hills Senior dry food a day...that is just beyond a diet, that can only be described as STARVATION RATIONS!!! The Meowmies said that it looks like I am losing weight, they can see the shape of my leg again! Meowmie L said she will be happy when my shoulders are the widest part of my body again! OHMYGOODNESS - I am going to be starved like a wannabe model! I shall be going to see Ben Vet in the next week or so for a check-up, and to see how my weight-watching is going.

I am quite proud to announce that Stormie has been given an award posthumously from Eric and Flynn. Just before she passed away Stormie popped by their blog when Eric was poorly, to give Eric some purrs to get better...apparently this made Eric's day and they have given her the You Made My Day Award, it is displayed on her bloggie, on the right hand-side with her other awards. Thank you Eric and Flynn..Stormie would be so proud and grateful.

Hold on...I too have been given this award! My friends at the Ballicus Blog have presented this to me to welcome me to blogging! Wow, my first award! Thank you DoryDoo, Brainball, Marilyn and Chairman Mao - you make our day too.

I believe that we now need to pass this award on...I think that Storm would have passed this award on to every single cat, creature and human that came by to wish her well on her final journey, and I would like to pass this on to all who have since visited us to make sure me and my meowmies are we pass this on to all of you! You really did Make Our Day when we felt sad and down.