Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Timmy and Stormie will finally meet...

Well, after 7 months of living with Oral Sqaumous Cell Carcinoma it is time for Timmy to leave us.

He had a check-up on Friday and Caroline Vet confirmed that he had 'days, not weeks left'. Frustratingly to look at him you would not think anything was wrong, he is so normal and well and playful, eating and....well...just like the Timmy we have always known - apart from the big tumour growing in his cheek and jaw.

It has got to the stage where the tumour is starting to break the skin on his cheek, this morning he scratched it (it is obviously bothering him now) and he made it bleed and opened up a wound - nothing serious, but the wound won't heal now and will only get worse the more he scratches at it. According to Caroline Vet things go down very quickly once the tumour breaks through the skin, and we don't want Timmy to suffer so we have organised for Faye Vet to come to the house tomorrow at 2pm to send Timmy on his way. We feel that maybe a day or two too early is better than a day or two too late. Mummy will then take his body to the vets where they will keep him safe for a few days, and then on Saturday Mummy is going to collect Timmy and take him to the same crematorium that Stormie went to.

Timmy turned out to be such a lovely brother - we had a totally different relationship to the one Stormie and I had, but it was a good one and we became close very quickly. I am vey sad that I am going to lose another friend. We all feel totally honoured to have had Timmy in our lives for the past 18 months...but now it is time for him to meet Stormie, and also to be reunited with his First Mummy, who is now obviously calling for him from wherever she may be.

We hope Timmy was happy with us, we sure enjoyed having him around. Here he is getting a brush down on Monday night (you can see the tumour on the left hand cheek and the start of his wound, it is now about the size of a penny) and the next image is of him enjoying a chicken this afternoon...yeah, I reckon he may have liked it here...

Thank you for your kind thoughts and means a lot to us, even though we hardly blog anymore we have never forgotten any of you xxx


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time. We think Timmy has been a very lucky cat to have you as a family! We are so sad that you and your Moms have to go through this again so soon after the huge loss of Storm.

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

To treasure those extra days spent loving and in the presence of such a special mancat...the love he gave to you is reflected in your tender care.

And you are right, as hard as it is, that too soon to let go is a tribute to him...not waiting too long and letting him go while he still has dignity and prowess...

We too will miss him in our way and our hearts reach out to you.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

What a loved kitty Timmy has been, by his first mom and then you. We're glad you have enjoyed having him there and sad he has to leave now.

Did Timmy really get a whole chicken today? We hope he really enjoyed it!

We send soft purrs, tail wags and {{{hugs}}}.

ABBY said...

Love is a gift, a gift you received, and one that you had the courage to accept. You had the courage to give your heart away knowing that it might get broken. But the good news is love is eternal, it transcends even death. Although Timmy will soon be gone, the love isn't. Nothing can take away the love you shared, ever. And nothing can take away the love you continue to feel. Ralph Waldo Emerson said it quite beautifully:

in this universe
nothing is ever wholly lost
that which is excellent
remains forever a part of this universe
human hearts are dust
but the love which moves the human heart
abides to bless
the last generation

Everything you are today was molded and influenced by the fact that you loved and were loved in return. That love and that influence will forever be a part of who you are. But just as you are a different person for having loved, you are also a different person now for having lost.

Our hearts go out to all...
We will keep you in our purrs
Farewell for now Timmy....


Daisy said...

I'm so sorry that it is time for Timmy to go to the Bridge. Thank you for giving him such a loving home. I wish him a peaceful crossing. Soft purrs to you during this difficult time.

"What we have once enjoyed
we can never lose;
All that we love deeply,
becomes a part of us."
-Helen Keller

A few Good Cats said...

All you can ever do is make every day count, and you did that with Timmy. We wish him a gentle passage and send comforting vibes and purrayers to you.

The Island Cats said...

We are so sorry to hear this about Timmy. You gave him a loving home and he gave you love in return. We are purring for Timmy and all of you and we wish him safe passage to the Bridge.

ML said...

We will miss him so.

Everycat said...

We are all sorry that Timmy's time to go to The Bridge has come. But it is the kindest gift to allow him to pass quietly, surrounded by love. Timmy has been a beautiful friend to Castle and you, now he will Storm's friend too.

Rumbly purrs and love to you all

& Gerry

Ikaika said...

We send you many gentle purrs to comfort you and help your Timmy have a safe journey across the Bridge. You were so lucky to have each other for the short time he was with you. Such a beautiful boy ...

Run free at the Bridge with Storm, sweet Timmy.

'Kaika and the Yosemite cats

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

We are so very sad and sorry to hear that dear little Timmy has to go to the Bridge. We are sending him love and purrs for his journey. Our only consolation is that he will meet Stormie, and he won't be in pain.

Please accept our sincere best wishes, 'cos we know how hard this will be for you all.


Milo, Alfie, and our Mom.

Cokie the Cat said...

I am so sorry.

I posted some beautiful animal poems from youtube on my blog today.

The first is Jimmy Stewart, the actor, reading a poem about his dog Beau. It's funny and it's sweet, and it will make you cry.

And it actually might help you in some small way.

Cokie the Cat


The Meezers and Billy said...

our thoughts an prayers are with all of you. Timmy was very special. we cannot say goodbye because saying goodbye seems so permanent, so instead we will just say Until we meet at the Bridge.

Parker said...

Fragile Circle -
"We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own, live within a fragile circle, easily and often breached.
Unable to accept its awful gaps, we still would live no other way.
We cherish memory as the only certain immortality,
never fully understanding the necessary plan."
~Irving Townsend

Our thoughts and prayers will be with you. Timmy enjoyed such a great life with you.
Godspeed, sweet Timmy.

Puss said...

My purrs and thoughts are with you, and Timmy. You can see he was a really special puss.

Forty Paws said...

Our purrs and purrayers are with you today. This is a difficult time, but Timmy will be pain free and happy with Stormie and the other poodins and his original Mum across the Bridge.

Many hugs to all of you.

Luf, Us and Maw

The Creek Cats said...

Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers during this very sad time. We are sending Timmy lots of comforting purrs today. (((hugs)))

Furkidsmom said...

We're so sorry to hear that Timmy is leaving for the bridge. He was a lucky ManCat to have been so loved.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

Kea said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all today...Sending universal Light for Blessings and Peace.

We'll light a candle for Timmy at today.


-Kim with fur family Annie, Nicki, Derry and "angel" Chumley

Charlemagne and Tamar said...

We're so sorry that you have to go the Bridge, Timmy. You've fought the good fight and it's time for you to rest now.

Castle and Mummy, we're sending purrs and gentle headbutts to help comfort you in your sorrow. Timmy has been so wonderfully loved by both of you.

Charlemagne and Tamar
(and Momma Colleen)

SuziQCat said...

Thinking of you and your family today as you help Timmie to the bridge. I agree that it's better to go a bit early, than to watch him suffer for even an extra minute. He was blessed to have you as his family, and although he will be missed, he'll never be forgotten. Take care and God bless.

Xanthe and Nishiko said...

Mummy started crying when she read this to us and we're sending you purrs of comfort. xxx

Junior and Orion said...

Our hearts are just breaking for you. We can't imagine having to go through this again, but you have done it with grace. We are so very glad that Timmy got such a great home for the short time that he had left here on earth. We are certain he loved living with all of you and knew that he was loved. We are sending out our best purrs and hugs for all of you. We are also certain that Timmy and Stormie will be great friends, and will watch over you from the bridge.

Junior, Orion and Meowm Rhonda

Tiki & Kirby (& sometimes Kesey) said...

We are so sorry that it is time for Timmy to go, but glad that you had this time together. Sending you purrs.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Timmy is not leaving, he is just moving on. As you say, he will meet Stormie and see his first mom again. I'm sure he seems so well because he's been so happy and content with you. Godspeed, little one. When you get to the Bridge, watch out for Bonnie Underfoot, Attack Tabby - she was happiest when growling and whapping.
Comforting purrs to Castle and your people! We know it's hard.
~ Tabbymom Jen, Victor, & Nina

The Crew said...

You have our deepest sympathy in this difficult time. We know you're doing what's best for Timmy.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Godspeedy Timmy, see yoo at da Bridge someday. We're sending gentle headbutts and purrs for yoo and mommy, Castle, we know dis is hard but yoor doing da loving thing fur Timmy.

Pierro said...

Oh! I just found this.
Timmy, you were the best, ans such a handsome mancat. I am just so happy that your mommy found you. Look how much you have done to all of us. We are just so glad to know you. I think our sweet flower Stormy will like you very much.
Mommy L and Mommy J and Castle,
I am beyond words. I am babbling here... We know this has been hard. Our moms have endured a lot this year and their hearts just keep loving. Thank you for sharing Timmy with us.
We just feel so grateful that Timmy had the very best life. Castle, you are the epitome of mancatliness. You are so strong on the inside as your strength is so apparent on the outside.
God bless all of you
a very special headbonk to you Castlepants. Princess and Caesar will be there to welcome Timmy.
No need to worry.
We will be praying for all of you
love always always, Rosemary and Pierro

"The Boys" and Karen said...

We're new to meeting you and Timmy and to knowing about Stormy, too; nevertheless, we're sad to learn about Timmy.

It's hard to lose them, especially when they're so young. It sounds, though, like because of you and yours he's been in a really neat place and has had lots of love.

And that chicken? Now that's a meal.

"The Boys" and I will keep you and Timmy in our purrayers.

HotMBC aka The Hotties said...

We's sorry Timmy hasta go to tha Bridge. We knows he and Stormie will haf a good time and wait for whenefur yoo and fambly arrives. We's sendin yoo lotsa purrs for yore sads and we's litin a candle for Timmy's journey.
Alla Us Hotties

HRH Yao-Lin said...

I am so so sorry to hear this. Purrs to all of you xxxxx

Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

Purrs to you Castle and your Mom. You were so good to give Timmy a loving home and we know you all filled it by making lots of happy memories.
Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

Niko and Cloud said...

We are so sorry to hear this. sending gentle purrs and hugs to you all. You are in our prayers.

Niko, Cloud, and Kat

TT said...

We is so sorry Timmy has to leave. We is sending purrs and headbutts to all ....


Camie's Kitties said...

Castle, we are so very sorry to hear that Timmy had to run off to the bridge, but he does have a wonderful friend to meet him and show him the way. You and your two mummies are in our thoughts and we are purring for you all.

Timmy was so very lucky to have found his way to your home and into your hearts.

Tavi, Cody, Camie and Gracie

Eric and Flynn said...

We are so sorry that Timmy's time has come for him to go to the Bridge. We send gentle purrs to help him on his way.He will be happy with Stormie to guide his way, and he will run and play as a young healthy cat once again.
(((hugs))) to all his family.

Tigger, Munchkin, Jigsaw and Patches said...

We just learned this sad news over at the CB.

Our hearts are with you. Sending healing purrs and thoughts your way. So sad to lose our dear furry friends, but such a lucky kitty to have had you to care for him.
We know he will always be missed, and never forgotten.
May his valiant spirit fly free over the Rainbow Bridge.

Fat Eric said...

We are so sorry to hear this news. Timmy could not have had a better home or better care.

Sending purrs and hugs

Fat Eric and his mum, Kate

Sabrina, Sam and Simon said...

Ohhhh Castle, we are so sorry that Timmy had to venture on to the Bridge, but we know that you and your Meowmie are comforted to know that he is with sweet Stormie, we all loved her so much. He had such a wonderful home with you and your Meowmie, and we are purring and purraying for you and Meowmie to get through this sad time, and have to admit all of us kitties and Momma are very leaky eyed. You are in our thoughts and we love you all ...
Hugs, purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam, Simon and Momma Jan too

Derby, Ducky said...

Purrrs and hugs to you. Timmy was a lovely cat, and you did right by him during the time he lived with you. He and Stormie will become great furiends at The Bridge.

Castle, I hope you aren't too lonely with only your Meowmie now.

Anonymous said...

We're so sorry to hear about your beloved Timmy:( Please know that you're in our purrs and purrayers. It sounds like you gave him a wonderful life.
~Tristan, Crikey and Angela

Poppy Q said...

Thank you for giving Timmy boy so much love and for helping him to find his way to the bridge, he looks like he had such a good life with you all and although your time together was short, it was filled much love.

Purrs to you all.

Mum and Poppy Q

Samantha, Clementine and Maverick said...

Purrrrrrs and more purrrrrrs for you Castle & Meowmie!! Timmy had a wonderful life with you!! And we know him & Stormie are watching over your both!! We shall miss him, too!!
Your TX furiends,

meowmeowmans said...

I have tears in my eyes as I type this note. It's so, so evident how much and how well you loved Timmy. Thank you for giving him such a wonderful life, and for making this supremely difficult, yet humane decision to help him to the bridge.

Purrs and Prayers to you,

Your friends at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life

Fambly kittens said...

There are no words I can give to you to heal the immense pain you feel. I am so, so sorry about Timmy losing his battle with cancer.

Sunny's Mommy said...

I am so sorry it was time for Timmy to leave you :( Many hugs to all of you.

Karen Jo said...

I am so very sorry that you have had to say goodbye to Timmy so soon after he joined you. I am sure that Timmy loved living with you and knew that he was loved in return. A day or two early is better than letting him suffer.

Craig & Caroline Hind said...

Aw boo... [sob].

Poor Timmy. We hope that he went peacefully and now does not have to bother with that horrible nasty thing on his cheek.

And Castle, be strong, you know Stormie loved you and you know Timmy did too. Give your Mommies lots of loves and hugs ok?

- Craig, Caroline, Timtam, Mumble & Misu.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We are thinking of you this morning so we stopped by to check on you and Castle. We know you are still grieving. How is Castle doing?

Mr. Hendrix said...

We're just checking in and letting you know we're thinking of you.

ML said...

KC and I were posting for tomorrow, Tuesday, you and Stormie's Gotcha Day, and we had to come and visit.
It hasn't been the same without you both here.
We know you are blissfully happy, but you are very missed.
Love & Purrs,
Mom ML & KC
Missy Blue Eyes
Faith Boomerang

Harry Spotter said...

What a great tribute. So sorry for you loss. Sending you hugs, purrs and prayers on this day of remembrence.

Junior and Orion said...

Timmy, was your Gotcha Day really the same day as Stormies? How cool! And now you are together over the bridge. We hope you are celebrating together today!

violinmuffin said...

Timmy, we never got to meet you but you were one handsome kitty! We came from CB. Our thoughts are with you.
Mummy says she lost her dog to the same ... tumor in his face, and he was happy til the end...
I'm sure Timmy's running free over the Bridge with Stormie!
Purrs, Keiko Kenji & Pricilla

Evetherocker said...

God bless you Angle <3

Anonymous said...

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