Monday, 22 September 2008

Meezer Monday

(dedicated to my much missed sister, Stormie)

Stormie and I used to cuddle each other all the time, we always spent every single sleepy moment squashed up on the same bed...and then we used to sit side-by-side when not sleeping. I miss her. Here we are cuddling, the second picture was before Storm had lymphoma and she was 'curvy' shall we say!

Timmy now has free run of the home as of 4 days ago. I had hoped that with the rapid progress that Timmy and I had initially made, that we might be cuddling - even just a little - by now. But no. I keep trying to sit with Timmy and try to curl up with him but he swears and curses at me, which is just rude! The closest we have got was about 3 nights ago, I sat myself next to Timmy on the favourite cushion in the house, who then hissed right in my face, but I did not budge, despite the rudeness and aggression. I stared him down and remained next to him for about 20 minutes. Even our furs were touching!!!

Timmy did not live with another cat is his previous home so I suppose he is somewhat curious and nervous of me, he has also appeared jealous of me on two occasions recently - even though Meowmie is very careful that both of us get equal attention during this integration period. I keep trying to make Timmy feel welcome and am being very patient and non-aggressive with him...but I must admit that I did hiss in his face this morning after he kept trying to bite my tail. This is the first hiss I have done in over a week, despite Timmy's regular growling and hssing at me whenever I try to be with him!

The Meowmies are a little worried that Timmy won't ever be happy sharing a home with another cat...but I think they are just anxious to see Timmy truly happy, I can tell that they really like Timmy and want to see him more relaxed around us all. We all just need some more time I is still only week 3 afterall!

PS - Meowmie has got the Feliway diffuser pumping away and is also adding Rescue Remedy to the water.


Dragonheart and Merlin said...

Castle, those are wonderful photos of you and Stormie. :)

We hope that you and Timmy will become good friends in time - it may just take a bit of time, since he isn't a kitten and hasn't been used to sharing attention with another cat before. Merlin and I became inseparable very quickly, but Merlin was a kitten and we are both Sphynx, so cuddle-bugs and affectionate by nature.


Niko and Cloud said...

Ask your meowmies about getting something called Feliway. There are other cheaper products out there too, but we've only used Feliway. It might help calm Timmy down some.
Niko and Cloud

The Meezers said...

You are right Castle - it is only week 3. Some cats need longer to adapt. Keep up the attempts at snuggling, it will help even if he is rude. Mommy used to hold Me and Miles at the same time to get us used to each other. - Sammy

Junior said...

We love those pictures of you and Stormie!

Junior and I still fight a bit....I don't think he quite likes my more rambunctious nature. Meowm wonders if we will ever not seem to be "fighting".....but hse has hope...both for us and for you and Timmy.


Daisy said...

I did not know that Timmy has not lived with another cat before. I think your progress is even more remarkable because of that. Castle, you are very good and patient. I'm proud of you!

Parker said...

Wow, he's never lived with another kitty? You really are doing very well then!
Feliway and recue remedy are two very good things, it's what my Mommy used to help me transition here and it helped a lot!

Anonymous said...

We agree, you've both made great progress in only 3 weeks. Timmy will be grooming and snuggling with you before you know it, Castle!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh I just love those photos of you and Storm! You know, I am not much of a cuddler with other cats, although I would be lost without them. Gemini and I both with snuggle with Georgia a bit but our relationship is not one where we cuddle. Yet we both love to play together. Some relationships are just not snuggly.

I think you are being such a grand and understanding fellow of your new housemate!

Sunny's Mommy said...

Please tell your Meowmie that I think you and Timmy have made great progress in 3 weeks. I'm amazed you were able to sit near him for 20 minutes and refused to budge when he was rude to you. Our 3 cats have been together a minimum of 9 years and they rarely lay close to each other, and don't cuddle up touching each other. I think this shows you need the companionship and love of a companion kittie (not that it's replacing Stormie, she can never be replaced). Hopefully Timmy will soon realize that you have much to offer him in the way of companionship.

Princess said...

Dear sweet Castlepants and wonderful special friend, I know how it is going. First your moms are having to make this adjustment and you and timmy... it is all really exhausting.
Good idea with the Feliway diffuser. That really helped for me and Pierro in the first few months. I had a lot of caution and anxiety anyway... I know you still miss Stormiekins and hoping really hoping to have a cuddlefriend. I hope Timmy calms down.
Pierro and I do not cuddle... but he is entertaining and I think he finds me entertaining. so, perhaps that is just okay. I am so proud of your efforts though, just know that I am thinking of all of you. Adjustments are so strenuous when there is still heart ache and then one that is troubled like Timmy.
I think it may take a long time for you and Timmy. Mom is just happy when we sit in the same room, or eat our foods side by side.
Life will never be the same, this is a new life isn't it.
I love all of you very very much

Lux said...

Hang in there, Castle. I'm sure Timmy is just confused by another cat since he didn't live with one before. We're sending all our best wishes,

Sweet Praline said...

Those are wonderful photos of you and Storm.

I am keeping my paws crossed that Timmy and you will be best buds before long.

Camie's Kitties said...

Castle, we wouldn't worry about Timmy not being more friendly if we were you. Miss Jade has lived with us for 2 months, and it has only been in the last week or so that she has tolerated licks from us without growling or hissing, and she came from the same sort of situation. Timmy may never be a huge cuddler, but he may grow to like an occasional snuggle.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

Isis said...

Your Meowmie is doing all the right things Castle and so are you, it'll now just take Timmy time to adjust and trust you fully! :)

If you feel like some pretty wonderful news do drop by as it's really BIG News and great!!! :)


The Crew said...

We agree Castle, it's only been a short time. Timmy may be one of those cats who needs a longer period of adjustment. Don't give up on him!

Black Cat said...

Those are such heart-achingly photos of you and Stormiekins!

You are being so good with Timmy, you can't fail to make progress! :) xxx

Mickey said...

You must really miss Storm when you have another kitty that is not ready to snuggle with you. It is only 3 weeks,so don't give up hope :)
Purrs Mickey

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Wow, just hissing? With Zippy and Sadie it was HISSSSSSSSS HISSSSSSSS GROWL CHASE...and it wasn't fun for mom. Sadie got Zippy on da noze a couple of times and dat made mom worry dat Sadie would haf to leave. Den dey musta called a truce cuz dey just kinda ignored each other mostly, a little hissing but no more chase. Den Speedy came and now dey can even be in da same room together! He's our great peace maker. We're sure yoo guys will become frends.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

aw, those are sweet pictures of you and Storm. they made us smile.

We think Timmy will be happy having a sibling in time. It is just an adjustment. We think he will appreciate snuggling forever the very second he allows it. He has just had a major upheaval, but we are confident he will settle in nicely

I gave you an award Castle! Perhaps you can share it with Timmy?

michico*Adan said...

Dear Castle,
There are very sweet photos between you and Storm, I also still miss her very much~!
Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.

About Timmy,
Also, I leave alond for 10 years, still have very much problem with Lego, but I am still trying my best, and Michico doesn't let us sleep together yet. Can you believe it? But, yes, I still hiss and big howl to him everyday, but relationship is very very very very slowly improving.

I also hope oneday I could open my whole mind to share thing with him, and he won't bite me anymore.

It's really really hard for single cat, but I am still trying.
Patient is Michico's trick, she might be the most patient bean to wait my mood~~~~~


Kaz's Cats said...

It sounds like you're all trying the right things Castle - it's gonna be a bit tough for Timmy to get used to having another kitty near, after being on his own, but we think you're making great progress in such a short time period.


Gypsy & Tasha

Anonymous said...

Awww Castle those are such sweet photos of you and Storm.I hope things get better with Timmy it just takes time....Hugs Ariel