Monday, 21 September 2009

An Update on Timmy

Meowmie has just come back from the consultation at the oncologist and we are not sure we want to put my Timmy through the things described. We have three scenarios...

1) If appropriate (CT scan will reveal all tomorrow, they didn't do it today) surgery and radiation can be performed to try and achieve a cure. This will involve a feeding tube post-op for an undefined amount of time - anything from a few days to a month - depending on how Timmy recovers (We have no idea what a feeding tube entails or how uncomfortable it would be for Tim, if at all). He will also lose part of his jaw...which could make eating, drinking, washing a bit messy. Survival times range from 3 months through to a year, some cats reach 2 years...however 90% of cats don't reach a year...

2) If surgery is not an option then they can treat him with radiotherapy and chemo combo, this is not a cure but can prolong his life a little. The window of survival ranged from 2 months to 14 months, with a median of something like 170 days There is a new study which involves giving radiation treatment twice a day for 7 days, split over the course of 10 days (there are days off between some treatments). Chemo is given as well. This will involve a full aneasthetic, twice a day. Timmy has a mild heart mumur so this is not ideal at all. Post-treatment again we are looking at feeding tubes for an unspecified amount of time and possible discomfort.

3) We do nothing, just manage the illness with palliative care and concentrate on quality of life over quantity. He could be gone within weeks.

The Meowmies just doesn't know what to do...part of them thinks that he is almost 15 (in December) and we should let nature take its course, and give him quality of life. Another part loves him so much that they want to do everything they possibly can for him...but is that the best thing for him, or is that just them being selfish because they can't bear the thought of letting him go?

The options we have been given just sound as if they are going to cause him lots of discomfort - and one of those options isn't even a cure! It seems a lot to put him through when the odds are stacked so highly against him...from what the Meowmies have been reading the survival times for cats who have been treated for FOSCC are very poor.

I fink the Meowmies have definitely ruled out Option 2 and unless the oncologist phones up tomorrow and is 100% positive that the surgery will be minimal and Timmy is a great candidate for a successful outcome...then Option 3 looks most likely :(



Jan's Funny Farm said...

We are sorry Timmy is having to go through this. And you are in the position of having to make a choice. We know you will make whatever decision you deem right for Timmy.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

What a difficult decision. I know you will make the right one. Remember Timmy will never second guess what you are doing. He just knows that this is how things are (The Woman has struggled with her cat's health often and has come to the conclusion they have no expectations of us--it is only WE who expect that we will make the "perfect" decision). Timmy will just need your love no matter what you decide.

Anonymous said...

It's a sad set of options they gave you, and a shame you're going through it so soon after Storm went to the Bridge.

All you can do now is make every day count. Remember a great many cats and their humans care about you and what you're going through.

Niko and Cloud said...

We are sorry that you have such a difficult decision ahead of you.
We know that you will do what is best for Timmy- we think you and the meowmies are wonderful and very loving and we are all praying and purring for you.

Riley & Tiki said...

We are sorry about Timmy and the difficult decision you have to make. We lost Riley too quickly, but in some ways it made it easier because we did not have those types of decisions to make. Sending you loud purrs and soft woofs.

Tiki & Kesey

Daisy said...

I know you will make the best decision for Timmy. My thoughts and purrs are with you.

Craig & Caroline Hind said...

Oh no... You're being forced to make the same decision we made with Panther. After the chemo failed there was no option really but to do the inevitable. I can't really offer any assistance other than that, but I'm sure you will eventually come to the right choice for you.

I know it's hard to toss up his health over your feelings. We went through the same thing, and you've done it before too. I do believe though that if there is not much of a survival window that you should attempt to at least put him through as little pain as possible.


- Craig

DEBRA said...

So difficult the choices you will need to make, but everyone is right. Timmy will lovingly accept your decision as the right one, no matter what the choice. It is our part to bear the burden of knowing. We send you many many purrs to help you down the path.